How do i treat boils on the scalp of a baby?

For any kind of boils that develop on a baby's body, it is absolutely essential for you to consult a doctor before you try anything at home. Not only does any kind of problem cause great discomfort to the baby, there is also no way you have of knowing the causes and thus the effective cures for the baby's boils. Boils on the head, especially, are not uncommon and can be caused by a vast variety of problems. Mostly, it would depend upon how old the baby is to figure out what the problem is. Infants get boils on their head due to various reasons. It could also be a way that cradle cap asserts itself, though it is quite rare.

You must disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol, which is harmless enough to use on a baby's skin. Sometimes, just this alone can help to get rid of the boils, which may well have been caused due to some simple infection. If the baby has small boils, and many of them covering the entire head and scalp, then it could also be a case of heat boils, depending upon the weather. Sometimes, applying coconut oil works on them perfectly. This is a mixture of cooling and moisturizing agents that can remove heat boils very effectively and well.

answered by G M

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