Strengthen Fingernails: I'D Like To Know If There Is Anything I Can Do To Put My Finger Nails Thicker.

Healthy fingernails Tips

The first thing you must do in order to make your nails thicker is to cut them short. Long nails will have more of a tendency to break than usual. Keeping them short will not cause this problem. It is also essential that you file your nails so that they have smooth edges. If you simply cut your nails and the edges are not smooth, these sharp and rough edges will lead to breaking your nail. For regular nail maintenance, it is also essential that you apply a generous layer of moisturizer to your nails as this will keep them in good health. The best kind of moisturizer to apply is pure vegetable oil, which is excellent nail nutrition.

Prolonged exposure to water, such as doing dishes daily or using your hands to wash your clothes can also lead to weakened and brittle nails. You should try to wear gloves while doing this type of work, as this will make all the difference. A natural substance known as biotin is what gives nails good health and shine. If you have a deficiency of this particular chemical, you should try to make up for it by increasing your intake of calcium, which includes this substance. So have more milk and milk products and you will notice a difference in your nails very quickly.

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Strengthen fingernails

If you want to make your finger nails thicker, it simply means that you have to rework some changes in your lifestyle. If you bathe excessively, wash dishes or clothes by hand or swim for long periods of time on a regular basis, your nails would have a tendency to become brittle and thin, thus cracking and breaking easily. Constant and prolonged exposure to water makes your nails weak and leads to them becoming thinner as well. If you must have your hands in water for long periods of time, make certain you wear gloves, as this is the bets and most highly effective method of protecting your nails.

Nails also weaken due to deficiency of a particular substance called biotin. You should up your intake of biotin in order to strengthen your nails. The natural sources of biotin are milk, egg yolks, soya beans and all of its products, meat, cauliflower, unpolished rice and all kinds of nuts. Increasing your intake of most of these substances will help you tremendously. Make it a point to keep your nails covered with a layer of moisturizer. The best thing to use for this purpose is any cooking oil. Keeping your nails short will make them chip and crack less.

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