Can one eat cucumber during the treatment of piles?

The cucumber is today widely regarded as being extremely beneficial to health for a variety of reasons. The juice from a cucumber is known for its properties that help increase the flow of urine and it also complements the effects of carrot juice and celery for rheumatic conditions. It even makes for a soothing skin lotion. While it is a natural remedy for a number of ailments there is no certainty about its effectiveness or uses for treating piles and haemorrhoids. In the first half of the twentieth century Japanese scientists in their research suggested that cucumber juice was rich in a valuable substance, effective in the treatment of the entire intestinal tract. Unfortunately the research has not been continued and there is still a lot of knowledge lacking on the subject.

There are however a number of other known natural remedies that are extremely effective in treating piles. Constipation being the main cause of the problem to begin with, any treatment should first aim at correcting this problem. The digestive e tract must be given some rest and the intestines should be thoroughly cleansed. Switching to an all fruit diet would be the best way to achieve this goal. This should be followed by a natural healthy diet, rich in fruits and greens. Figs, radish, bitter gourd and turnip would all be valuable.

answered by M W

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