Causes and treatment for thick yellow discharge from ears

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Otorrhea or discharge in the ear might be attributed to clogged eustachian tubes. Infection results in discharge that puts a lot of pressure. This causes the blowing out of the eardrum. The fluid is released in course of time, thereby causing pain. A visit to a specialist proves beneficial. Sinus infection results in ear discharge. The primary reason for this is the poor immune levels of the individual.

Antibiotics are recommended to fight off the bacteria and other foreign substances. Tumor in the ear canal is one more contributing factor. Fluid of tan color indicates the presence of wax. Swimmer's ear results in a milky discharge. Placing a ball of cotton inside the ear absorbs the discharge. Use a sterilized cloth or cotton to wipe it off. A bathing cap is recommended, especially for swimmers. Ventilation of ear liquid calls for more care in children.

Damage to the tympanic membrane also results in discharge from ears. Ear discharge with excruciating pain, yellow or green in color and a foul smelling discharge calls for immediate medical attention. Avoid usage of eardrops without basic knowledge. Drug abuse worsens the situation.

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