should boils in breast be treated as an ordinary boil

Home remedies for breast boils

Your question is somewhat unclear but boils are caused due to ingrown hair, plugged sweat glands or because some splinter or other foreign material might have got lodged in the skin. Here are a few natural cures for boils which will cure the boils but if you find no relief then please visit your physician for further diagnosis and cure.

With 1 tsp of warm castor oil, lightly massage your breast from inside to outward direction. Start from the breastbone and massage till the armpit, also rub around and underneath the nipples and the sides of the breasts. This will lessen soreness and increase blood circulation.

Boil and peel 1 egg and whet the white portion. Now, apply this to the boil and cover it with a cotton cloth. You can use this natural cure 2 times a day till the boils are cured.

Put 1 cup of milk in a pan and heat it. Slowly add 3 tsp of salt to it and let the milk simmer for 10 minutes. Now, add some flour or crumbled bread pieces so that the mixture thickens sufficiently. Make 4 poultices out of it and apply 1 of it at an interval of half an hour.

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