Need home remedies to remove kidney stones.

You should see a doctor and get his assessment, if you have kidney stones. The presence of stones in the kidney is marked by intense pain or blood in the urine. It is important to know that there are different types of kidney stones. A proper physical examination can determine the kind of stone and its causes. You will find the following tips helpful.

Drink plenty of water. As a preventive measure increase the consumption of water. Water tends to dilute urine and prevents concentration of salts and minerals, that clinch together to form stones in the kidney.

Keep track on your calcium. Practically all the stones are made of calcium products. If your stone was tested as calcium-based, you should monitor your intake of calcium. And check with the doctor before taking any supplements. Keep a check on the amount of calcium you consume in your diet on daily basis. Dairy products like milk, cheese and butter are rich in calcium.

Check the medicines you take for stomach ailments . Some popular antacids are known to be rich in calcium. If you had calcium stones you should think twice before consuming antacids. Read the ingredients mentioned on the pack, to make sure it is not calcium-based.

  • Put a cap on the salt. If you have a case of calcium stones, you should be strict about your salt intake. Reducing the consumption of pickled foods, salty foods, table salt.
  • Restrict your consumption of vitamin C. If you have tendency to develop calcium oxalate stones. Your intake of Vitamin C should not more than 3 to 4 grams a day.
  • Avoid getting too much vitamin D. Excess of vitamin D results in excess calcium in all organs and parts of the body.

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