Please Could You Suggest Some Chest Burning Sensation Remedies?

Remedies for Chest Burning Sensation

The reason the chest and throat burn after vomiting is because the stomach's juices are acidic. The stomach releases hydrochloric acid which acts on the food as soon as it enters the stomach. When you vomit all the acidic food comes back out through the eosophagua which is not equipped to deal with acidic matter. This is what causes the characteristic burning feeling associated with vomiting.Here are some measures you can take to assuage the burning feeling:

  • Drink a glass of ice water at once and suck on some ice cubes
  • Avoid citrus juice and citrus fruits and any other sour food for at least 12 hours
  • Don't eat any diary products in the meanwhile. Frozen yoghurt may be alright
  • Take an over the counter Antacid in syrup or chewable form
  • Licorice root may help with the problem
  • Ginger is a natural antacid, so you can try taking some ginger juice with honey, but take it cold rather than warm
  • Eat a banana about an hour or so after you have vomited. Not only is it a natural antacid it contains potassium in good quantities and a banlance of other minerals which will help restore the salts you have lost during vomiting
  • Drink lots of fluids. Cold watermelon juice or any other juice which is not sour will be very soothing.

If you vomit very frequently, you should consider seeing your doctor immediately. 

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