Burning in chest remedy

The experience of a burning sensation in the chest is enough to cause alarm to just about anybody. This is because most of us regard pain or burning in the chest to be a symptom of a heart attack, or other such similar heart problems. Moreover, since many of the other vital organs in the human body are situated in close proximity to the chest, it is not uncommon for people to feel a burning sensation in chest and stomach pain. Many people claim to have experienced burning sensation in chest, lungs and throat at the same time. While it is imperative to identify the cause of the chest burning pain, preferably by visiting the doctor, it is important to not that not all chest burning causes are serious. At times, people could feel severe chest pain due to heartburn, which is a very common condition and is hardly ever serious. Nevertheless, as soon as any of the chest burning symptoms become evident, it is strongly advisable for people to consult a doctor and perhaps even undergo the required tests, without any delay.

Common Chest Burning Causes

There could be numerous factors that could cause a person to go through severe burning in the throat and chest area. Given below are some of the most common reasons that could lead to pain or a burning sensation in the chest area:

  • Digestive problems: Many people around the world suffer from various digestive problems on a daily basis, because of following a diet that is not healthy. Hence, this could lead to chest pain and heartburn symptoms, which get worse during the night, that is, while sleeping or lying down for a longer period of time. The burning sensation mainly occurs when the acids from the stomach are sent back into the esophagus, because of a weakened sphincter. Normally, the pain is first experienced in the abdomen, then in the chest and may also be felt right up till the throat. The burning sensation is usually triggered off when a person eats spicy, oily or heavy food. Moreover, lying down soon after a meal, could cause the food and the acids, to come back up. In many cases, digestive problems could also be characterized by a burning sensation in the chest when drinking, or eating anything, or even immediately after mealtimes.
  • Lung Infections and conditions: Several health conditions, like pneumonia and pulmonary embolism are generally marked by a burning sensation in chest when breathing. There are several people, in whom the lining of the lungs get inflamed, because of pleurisy. This too, is one of the main respiratory problems affecting several people. Asthma is another common respiratory disease, which could lead to burning sensation in chest when coughing or even breathing.
  • Trauma, disorders and injuries: A condition known as costochondritis usually leads to a burning feeling in the chest, which is the result of soreness in the cartilage, which connects the chest bone, to the ribs. In this condition, the burning pain is usually felt on both the sides of the chest. In case a person suffers an injury or in case the muscles, bones, tendons and nerves that are present in the chest undergo any trauma, it is possible to feel a burning sensation in the chest.

Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that chest pain can cause a lot of worry, there are many people who decide to wait and watch, to see if the pain improves, or gets worse. However, any delay could lead to further complications and could intensify the pain further. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative for people of all ages to consult a medical health care practitioner, as soon as they feel a burning sensation in chest.

answered by G M

Burning in chest remedy-

  1. Please rule out a cardiac cause, no doubt, it is rare with a burning symptom.
  2. Spices along with wrong food at wrong time, aerated drinks and hard drinks are the main causes of burning sensation in chest.
  3. Take 1cup of cold milk with 1 tsf of cumin oil and drink it.
  4. Take a homeopathic remedy called nux vomica 30 5 pills 2 times daily for 10 days.
  5. Take a higher potency of the above remedy that is nux vomica 200, 5 pills once bed time daily if the symptom persists after the course of 10 days as in 4 above.
  6. Avoid fatty, oily food, breads and other fermented foods.

answered by D M K

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