Home Remedies For Kids Cold And Cough: Home remedy for cold related cough, toddler under 2?

Infant Cold and Cough Natural Treatment

There are plenty of safe home remedies for children, especially below the age of four, when they are usually down under a cold or cough. One of the most effective herbs to treat children and adults alike is through the use of basil. Take a handful of fresh basil leaves, wash them thoroughly with water and boil them in three to four cups of water. The boiled solution should be reduced to around a cup of the preparation. Add to this preparation the juice of half a lemon that has been freshly squeezed. Stir it well and let it cool.

Feed at least three to four teaspoons of this mixture to the child once in the morning and once at night. The preparation must be had daily for a period of eight days. Basil or holy basil is known as the queen of herbs and its properties of reducing the symptoms of fever and cold have found favor amongst herbalists and folks throughout the ages. If the child is able to eat the fresh leaves of basil that has been thoroughly washed with water would also be an excellent way to safeguard the child's health. It would also ensure that the child develops a taste for the herb in its raw for, and this alone would ensure that the child will be free from stressors that cause cold.

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