Natural Cure for Infant Cold and Cough: What can I give to a 4 month child that has a cold and cough.

It is difficult to treat infants and young babies with any kind of remedy in the form of a drug or a home preparation in the event of a cough and cold. Medicines and drugs are certainly not advisable unless the cold and cough does not get better on its own. But most of the time mothers run out of ideas since the child is so little and anything or rather everything seems too harsh to administer to the child. Almost all colds that children suffer from tend to disappear on their own. Be sure to give your child enough fluids and make sure that the child is as snug and warm as possible.

If there is a cough accompanying the cold, then it is fine as long as the body is clearing the mucus. Do not attempt to withhold the cough for the mucus may remain in the respiratory tract instead of being pushed out of the body. For children who are older than three months, a cold and cough usually last for about three days before it gives way. However if you notice that the child's nostrils widen with every breath then you would need to approach the pediatrician, as that can be a sign that the congestion may be getting severe.

answered by K C

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