Dietary advice for ginger snaps

Gingersnaps are a popular snack food, and are also called gingernuts in Britain. They are biscuits flavored with anise, powdered ginger, and other condiments. They are found in history all the way back to medieval times. Any health benefits in ginger snaps would probably arise from their ginger and anise content, but you are probably better off consuming ginger and anise in their fresh or extract forms.I am listing the health benefits of ginger below:

  1. Alleviates symptoms of gastrointestinal distress
  2. An excellent antioxidant
  3. Has anti-inflammatory properties
  4. Soothes coughs and itchy throats
  5. Relieves a feeling of nausea during pregnancy
  6. Protects from colorectal cancer

Some of the health benefits of anise are:Anise (Pimpinella anisum) benefits:

  • breath sweetening
  • antispasmodic
  • stress and irritation
  • bronchitis
  • heartburn
  • digestive
  • restoring equilibrium

Gingersnaps are a fairly healthy snack and they are not very high in calories either, but there do not seem to be any particular benefits associated with increased consumption. They are probably better nutritionally then regular cookies which contain nothing useful. You may want to consumes whole wheat gingersnaps instead of ones made from processed wheat flour as the extra fiber is good for you.

answered by S E

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