How to cure pain in legs and thighs.

Gently rub down the aching leg muscle at the onset of a leg ache. Stretching them for 15 minutes with the help of simple exercise will loosen the muscles and make them more flexible. Take a towel dip it in hot water, wring it dry and place it on the legs or areas that are sore. The warm dampness of the towel will reduce the ache. a simple acupressure method will ensure immediate relief from pain. Pinch your upper lip with your thumb and index finger. Stay in the position for half a minute. This is guaranteed to provide immediate relief even though it may sound ridiculously simple and easy to do. It is not yet known in medical fields how this particular type of acupressure method works in relieving pain but it's a highly effective technique used by many sportsmen.

For a good massage that can be made from home, dissolve ten grams of camphor in 200 milliliters of mustard oil in a glass container. Let the oil solution stand till the camphor is completely absorbed in the oil. Keep this bottle at hand and use it as a ready-reckoner for aches and pains. You can use it to gently rub the sprained or aching area with the oil.

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