Cauda Equina Syndrome

by Sam Malone

Cauda equina is a nerve root bundle which is located below your conus medullaris. When the nerve roots are inflamed or compressed, this may lead to pain, weak reflexes and strength, and less sensations. Even if these symptoms may get severe, these may respond when taken care of immediately. During the time when the inflammation or compression gets really severe, you may develop cauda equina syndrome.

This medical condition affects the nerve roots which are located along the lower part of the canal of your spinal cord. When you are affected with this, you have to consider getting immediate medical help. Else, you will lose the following functions permanently:

  1. bowel control
  2. leg mobility and control
  3. bladder control

Cauda equina syndrome is a result of the narrowing of your spinal canal. When this happens, your nerve roots are compressed together. The causes may include: trauma due to injury, spinal stenosis, disk herniation, tumor to the spine, infectious diseases, and inflammatory diseases.

You will know that you are affected with this medical condition when you notice the following symptoms:

Low back pain - this is classified according to radicular pain and local pain. The former is a pain which is felt in the legs, characterized by sharp and stabbing sensations. The ache is sensed along the controlled areas of the compressed nerves. On the other hand, the latter is characterized by a deep and aching pain due to the irritation of the tissues and the vertebrae.

Leg pain - this can be unilateral (pain to one leg), or bilateral (pain to both of the legs). The ache begins at the buttocks, which goes down behind the legs and the thighs.

Numbness - this is sensed within the groin or affected area, especially when in a sitting position.

Muscle weakness - this is usually felt within the lower extremity. You may also lose your sensations. The reflexes of your lower extremity may also be lessened or reduced.

Bladder disorder - it will be hard for you to urinate or initiate urination. The sensation of urinating is lessened, and you won’t be able to control or cease urinating.

Bowel disruptions - it is hard for you to sense the coming of your bowel movement, making it hard for you to stop it. You are constipated all the time. You will lose the sensation and the tone of your anus.

In order to treat your condition, you may have to undergo emergency decompression. This procedure calls for taking the pressure off from the nerves. This is done by getting the structures which have compressed together. The nerves are also provided with available space within the spinal canal. The surgical procedure should be performed on you within forty-eight hours after you have experienced the symptoms.

When you have an underlying tumor or infection, you require proper medication or treatment. You probably need antibiotics, radiation, or chemotherapy treatment. You may also be provided with anti-inflammatory medicines. Since you require immediate medical help, home remedies are not suitable for this condition.

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