Remedies for vaginal hygiene

Some amount of mild vaginal odor is normal, but if you sweat excessively, the odor might be slightly unpleasant. The best way to get rid of this odor is to minimize sweating. Use natural fabrics as far as possible, including you underwear. Synthetic fabrics not only make you sweat more, they then do not absorb sweat well, and some also take time to dry. As a result, the constant presence of moisture encourages the growth of bacteria, which are the cause of the bad odor. Fabrics like cotton make you sweat less, they absorb sweat better, and dry relatively quickly. You should also change your underwear regularly. Make sure that you also wash and dry yourself several times a day. You can do this every time you visit the bathroom.

If you find that an unpleasant odor persists after these measures, perhaps you have a vaginal infection. You can try washing yourself a couple of times a day with a mixture of vinegar and water, but if this does not work within a week, visit a doctor.

One thing you should avoid is douching. Although sometimes recommended to clean the vagina or get rid of odor, douching is unnecessary and even harmful, as it can upset the natural pH balance of the vagina, thus allowing harmful bacteria to take hold.

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