How to get rid of boil on bikini line?

Boils are among the most common minor skin problems experienced by people. They also do not require much, if any, treatment. A boil is usually caused by the infection of a hair follicle, as a result of which the follicle gets inflamed and there is a build up of pus and dead cells. As long as there are no complications, such as excessive pain or swelling, development of more boils, infection of lymph nodes, or fever, you do not need to worry. In approximately a week the boil will disappear on its own.

Meanwhile, you should avoid scratching or squeezing the boil. In addition, a warm compress several times a day can also speed up the process of healing, besides providing relief. Make sure that you boil the water first, and use a clean, soft cloth when doing this. Other compresses that you can use are a cut onion or slightly crushed clove of garlic. In general, you should also keep the area clean, in particular when the boil drains or bursts. When this happens, wash the area carefully and then bandage it. If the boil persists for longer than 10 days or seems to be growing larger, you should visit a doctor.

answered by G M

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