best way to get rid of a boil

The best way to treat a boil is to apply a warm wet washcloth for fifteen minutes, five times per day. Keep the washcloth as hot as you can stand it. And continue getting the washcloth wet as frequently as needed to make sure that the boil stays warm and wet. This will cause the boil to drain and then to heal. Another thing that is highly effective, even though it is one of the oldest remedies out there, is to take a piece of bread that has been soaked in hot milk and apply it to the boil and then wrap first with plastic wrap and then with a bandage, leave this on the boil over night and you should see drastic results in the morning. It is very important to keep a boil and the area around it clean and disinfected. You can do this by washing the area gently with rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or any other disinfectant several times each day. Avoid pricking up the boil or in any other way popping it or causing it to drain before it is ready. If you do this it can increase the rate of infection and cause permanent scarring.

answered by R P

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