Alternative Treatment for Dry Piles: Which is the best cream to use for decreasing the swelling due to dry piles? Please advice?

Natural Cure for Dry Piles

Varicosities of the rectal vein result in inflammation of the area. This is referred to as piles or haemorrhoids. Application of pressure, during defecation causes worsening of the situation. Dry piles, in course of time, turns into bleeding piles. Many home remedies are available, which are quiet effective.

Pomegranate peels are boiled in a bowl of water and consumed twice a day. A piece of turmeric is powdered and consumed with boiled milk. Dry yam is powdered. To this, 80 grams of white leadwort, 10 grams of jaggery and 500 grams of jaggery are added. Freshly grated radish is mixed with honey and applied on dry piles. This gives relief in some days. Powdered mustard is added to a bowl of yoghurt. This is eaten, followed by a glass of butter milk. Pepper powder, ginger and rock salt added to a glass of buttermilk, made from cow's milk is helpful.

Blending freshly grated carrot to a glass of goat's milk is an effective remedy. It is also consumed in the form of yoghurt. Tamarind flowers and pomegranate juice is added to yoghurt. Add ginger and coriander pastes to the same. This is added to turmeric powder and taken with lunch. It is an excellent remedy to relieve pain.

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