Treatment & prevention of ear swelling after p01iercing

Minor infections and allergic reactions are rather common accompaniments to ear piercing, however, if you are careful enough, you can certainly avoid them. First of all, you should ensure that the skin of the ear is clean and free from infection to begin with. Second, and extremely important, get your piercing done by a professional. It is essential that the equipment used to pierce the ear is sterile and safe. Preferably visit a dermatologist and have the piercing done with a piercing gun. Piercing guns are not only quicker, cheaper, and less painful, they are also safer.

After you have your ear pierced, you should continue to keep it clean. Wash your ears regularly with soap and water, and dry them well. You can also use a hydrogen peroxide wash to keep the piercing clean. It is also advisable that you use pure gold or silver earrings. Cheaper earrings may contain nickel or other substances that may trigger an allergy, which could then lead to an infection. Finally, if, in spite of all these precautions you notice any signs of an infection - any inflammation or oozing that does not disappear within a couple of days, you should visit your doctor. Remember though, that some amount of redness during the healing process is normal.

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