Home Remedy & Treatment For Thick Sinus Mucus In Throat

Mucus is an essential part of our body because it is required for proper digestion, relaxed breathing, lubrication inside the stomach, and elimination of waste. Excess mucus is caused by some factors, such as the common cold, that irritates the body and triggers a pronounced production of mucus. Mucus is normally present in both the nose and throat. However, large quantities of mucus obstruct comfortable breathing. You can clear some of this by simply blowing your nose or expectorating excess mucus from the back of the throat.

As the body reacts to a viral infection such as a cold or flu, excess mucus is produced on the body. This mucus thinkens and may be yellow or green. You can thin nasal mucus by using traditional methods such as steam inhalation. The steam helps loosen mucus trapped in the sinuses and eases the blocked feeling in the nose and head. In addition, use salt water for gargling. Consuming citrus foods, particularly lemons, will help you thin out the mucus. Ensure that you are dehydrated and drink plenty of hot liquids which will soothe the throat. You can also drink two cups of prune juice every morning for three days. If you can, avoid eating any solid food at all. You can also reduce the mucus production with decongestant and anti-inflammatory drugs. Using decongestant drugs, however, may worsen the symptoms and prohibit nasal drainage.

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