Home treatment for mucus congestion

For any kind of mucus buildup, you would need to follow a two-way approach to treatment. You need to stop coughing so that there is no mucus released into your mouth all the time and you must also work at loosening up mucus. There are several kitchen remedies available for both cases. Warm carrot juice can help with eliminating the cough. A teaspoon of freshly ground pepper mixed with 10 teaspoons each of honey and lime juice is an excellent syrup to control coughing and to reduce mucus buildup. This can also be made and stored for about a week. Grate about 50 grams of ginger and put it in a 200 ml bottle of honey. Let this stand for a couple of days and then start having a teaspoon of this after every meal. It will help you to get rid of the cough as well as mucus in throat.

Some of the foods to concentrate on when you have a cold are grapes or grape juice, warm oranges or juice, onions and water melon. All of these will fight phlegm and prevent mucus buildup. In order to help fight further infection and improve general immunity, take a dose of Echinacea everyday. This will help tremendously in boosting your immunity and not making you prone to future mucus buildups.

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