How do I keep my skin blemish free and maintain facial hygiene?

The prevention of acne can be one of the trickiest missions that you will ever be on. Mainly because some of the factors that cause the condition are well out of an individual’s control. For example, one of the most common causes of the condition happens to be heredity, where the condition has been passed down from one generation to another within the same blood line. Another very common cause of the condition is the fact that today’s air is significantly polluted with a number of microscopic dust particles that could get stuck to your skin and cause a blockage in one of the skin pores. This blockage will prevent the sebum oil that normally flows through these pores, from reaching the upper layer of the skin. A buildup of sebum fluid will start to occur behind the blockage, causing a noticeable inflammation on the skin that we commonly refer to as a pimple. If the dust particle that is causing the blockage has some kind of bacteria on it, it could possibly cause an infection in the fluid that is trapped behind the blockage. If this is the case, were the individual to proactively burst the pimple, the infection is likely to spread over a larger area, causing the condition to become significantly worse.

In order to do as much as possible to avoid the onset of the condition, you should try applying some fresh mint juice over your face every night. However, if you are affected by acne, there is no need to worry as there are a number of easy home remedies that will prove very effective. For example, you could try grinding a few orange peels to make a paste with some water and apply it over the affected area. Once you have let the paste act on the skin for about 20 minutes, wash it off with the help of some lukewarm water. The application grated potato over the affected area is also known to be very beneficial in dealing with acne. You should also try mixing some groundnut oil with an equal amount of fresh lime juice and apply it on the face for about 15 minutes before proceeding to wash it off with some lukewarm water. The daily application of this treatment is likely to prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples. Another option would be to grind some nutmeg with a little unboiled milk and apply it over the affected areas for a couple of hours.

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Acne is one of the most fretted over conditions in an adolescent’s life. Many teenagers have dreaded waking up one morning and seeing a horrible looking pimple on their face. It is quite natural to fear acne as it can have several long term effects like leaving permanent scars on your face that may greatly lower the aesthetic appeal of your looks. However, the fact that you are taking a proactive step and not simply trying to cure the current condition, but also eager to know what keeps this skin problem at bay is good. Good facial hygiene will always improve your chances in avoiding as well as fighting acne. First, you must understand how it develops. Under the layer of skin, lie sebaceous glands that produce the natural oils that are very important for the health of your skin. Skin is made to look healthy by a combination of these oils and moisture. The moisture is brought to the cells via the blood stream and the oils sent from the sebaceous glands. The oils will act as a protective film and cover the pores in the skin through which the moisture could evaporate. At times, some dirt particles may block these pores. If this happens, the sebaceous glands will continue to produce the sebum oil and the oil will start to build up behind the blockage caused by the dirt. While the oil continues to build, the face will seem to develop a nodule, or pimple, at this location. It is important not to burst it prematurely as the release of the oil from within could react with bacteria present on our face and lead to acne. These bacteria are ever present and usually not harmful unless triggered by a foreign agent, as in this case. Acne could also be caused by a person’s lifestyle like the diet pattern, an allergic reaction to cosmetics and presence of toxins in the blood.

You could try a few of the following remedies to help with the condition:

  • Grind orange peel together with some water and apply it on affected areas.
  • Apply a mixture of half a teaspoon of sandalwood and turmeric powder along with water onto the acne affected skin.
  • Create a paste by blending cucumber and apply it onto the face. Leave it for 45 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
  • Add healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • Never squeeze the pimple as it could make the condition worse.
  • Drink no less than 2 liters of water a day.

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Steps to a Clean and Clear Face

It is not as hard as you think to get the clear and clean looking skin that you want. You simply have to follow a few steps and incorporate the right types of acne remedies. Here is a look at some things you can do today to get the skin you always wanted.

  • Cleanse your skin: Find a good acne remedy cleanser and use it all the time. It won't do you any good to use it once a week or every now and then. You need to make the commitment to use the cleanser each time you take a shower or wash your face. Experts say that twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening is ideal. If you wear make up, or even sunscreen during the day, you should take extra care of wash your skin thoroughly before going to bed. It can clog pores and cause acne.
  • Watch what you eat: If you are worried about your skin, then you should take a look at your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always best and drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated, which helps your skin. Steer clear of greasy and high fat foods, which are known to cause problems with acne. If other foods trigger problems with your skin, such as chocolate, then stay away from those foods as well. An occasional treat won’t hurt, but keep your skin in mind when snacking.
  • Use alcohol free products: If you want to use a toner or astringent, look for those that do not contain alcohol. While alcohol does treat acne by drying up the pimple, it also dries out your skin and can cause issues later down the road. There are many products out there that you can use—just make sure you read the list of ingredients before you make a purchase.

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