Fluid In Ear Remedy: How Do I Get Rid Of Fluid In My Ears Had For Almost 6 Months

What you are suffering from is an infection of the middle ear, medically known as otitis media. Ear infections often clear up on their own, and only require easing of the associated pain for the duration of the infection. A persistent build up of fluid however needs to be drained surgically. Since your condition has existed for as long as six months, you should visit a doctor immediately.

A middle ear infection usually begins with something relatively mild, such as a sore throat or a cold. Bacteria or viruses sometimes spread to the middle ear, causing infection and/or blockage, thus preventing the Eustachian tubes from functioning properly. Normally, the tubes allow air into the middle ear, while keeping bacteria and viruses out and allowing any collected fluid to drain. During an infection, fluid does not drain, and instead collects in the middle ear, where it traps more bacteria and viruses. Initially, the fluid may or may not cause hearing impairment. Over time however, if the fluid does not drain, it thickens and becomes more likely to affect hearing. In some cases, an excessive build up of fluid can cause severe pain and even rupture the eardrum. Since you have had this ear infection for six months, it is rather surprising that you have not mentioned any hearing loss or pain.

answered by G M

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