which diet is helpful in treating ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a condition that affects the large intestine, causing an inflammation. Thousands of men and women suffer from this condition which can last for years in a patient. It is believed that this condition begins sometime in childhood for most people, and continues into adulthood. If you are suffering from ulcerative colitis then you probably experience diarrhoea, pain in the abdomen and even bleeding.

Ulcerative colitis usually begins with the patient complaining of constipation. The inability to properly digest food containing roughage also leads to this condition.

You should eat at least one banana every day. Bananas are easily digested. What is more, they have some laxative qualities that will help your condition. Drinking one glass of buttermilk or the water of a tender coconut will also soothe you. Apples are also good for digestion. Peel and chop two apples, steam them, then mash them and eat. Do this everyday. Since rice has low fiber content, it is considered soothing for people suffering from ulcerative colitis. Boil some rice in plenty of water till is well cooked and can be mashed with a spoon. Mix a cup of buttermilk into the rice and eat this nutritious meal. While you will have to avoid the juices of citrus fruits, you can drink carrot, papaya and juice extracted from grating raw cabbage.

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