can you get an eye infection from a tooth ache ?

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If you are suffering from a toothache and have been to the dentist and are, in fact, in the process of getting your tooth seen to, then, yes, there is a strong likelihood that you may have got an eye infection because of your bad teeth.  Although there isn't substantial evidence to prove this, dentists have reported that patients who came to them to get their teeth seen to later complained of an infection of the eye. These infections are mostly waterborne and are carried to your eye through the water unit that your dentist uses as he works at your teeth. The water unit harbors several microorganisms, several of which do attack humans. The patient may ingest or simply inhale these microorganisms during the process of his dental treatment. The result? An eye infection.  

If you are likely to be visiting your dentist again, you can insist that he fix a filter to the water unit that he uses. Some of the filters can ensure that water is filtered before it enters the pipes whereas other filters can be fit at the end of the pipe.

For your eye infection, keep your eye clean. Wash it frequently in cold water. Dip a soft cloth in some water and apply on the affected eye.

answered by G M

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