What can I do to stop constant tooth ache and ear pain?

In order to take care of constant toothache and ear pain, the first thing that you would need to do is figure out why you are suffering from these kinds of aches and pains. If you know the reason, it is possible to isolate a solution to the problem as well. But if you do not know the reason, it becomes practically impossible to suggest a cure for the same. Keep in mind that these are sensitive spots in your body and they should not be neglected or treated lightly. This could possibly result in more serious complications of simple issues. In some cases, there could also be a connection between the toothache and the earache. Sometimes, when a toothache is deep rooted, it can actually reach out to where the nerves of the tooth root lie and cause more pain in other parts of the face as well. Conversely, if the problem is with the ear, this would not extend down to the tooth too. So your best bet is to know exactly the location and cause of the pain you are suffering from. In the event that you cannot do this, you would be better off dealing with each problem individually.

to treat your ear ache, make sure you do not have an ear infection, as this can become potentially dangerous if ignored. Applying warm compresses around the painful area will usually help in providing relief. Put in a drop of garlic juice in your ear to fight off the commonest types of ear aches. Start with putting a drop of diluted juice so that you do not damage your skin if it is sensitive. For your teeth, clove oil is the best possible thing to use for controlling the pain. Put a small drop right on the aching tooth. Keep in mind that clove oil is an extremely strong product and your mouth may burn badly for a while there. If you have a mild infection, you should sanitize your mouth by swishing a mixture of a half part of hydrogen peroxide and half of water in your mouth. This will resolve most mild and surface issues. Sipping from cool green tea can also help to take care of toothache. Alternately, you can also clamp a used and cool tea bag between the aching tooth and its corresponding partner for excellent results. Please give some time for the tooth to stop aching.

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