i m an 18yr old girl. I'm suffering From piles for the last 20 days. I've taken medicine but that has not really helped

Natural Cure for Piles

Here I have some of the most effective and natural cures for piles.

  • Lose weight if you are overweight because high percentage of fat in your body can also stimulate piles.
  • Consume plenty of fiber rich foods.
  • Involve yourself in daily exercise to tone your muscles, keep your body fit and strengthen your immune system.
  • Don’t go for a long walk if you have piles.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and waste substances from your body. Water will also help to maintain normal bowel habits, eliminating the chance of constipation.
  • Go for an Indian style toilet because the squatting position can help you for natural defecation.
  • Don’t exert more pressure on your anus to evacuate hard fecal substances.
  • Eat more of simple home made and home cooked foods. Don’t go for processed or junk foods that may inhibit the digestive function and create more trouble.
  • Avoid consuming spices, alcohol and excess of hot or cold foods.
  • Eat more of fruits, vegetables, raw onion, garlic, ginger, bitter gourd and beetroot. These foods help in treating piles.
  • Yellow variety of pumpkins and potato stimulate the activity performed by piles.
  • High fiber foods such as mango, lime, figs and papaya are good for eliminating waste from the body and for curing piles.
  • Mix roasted black cumin seeds with un-roasted black cumin seeds. This is a good remedy for piles.

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