Blurred Vision Natural Cure

Feeling of a film over the eye and Blurry.

Natural Cure for Blurred Vision

There are many effective cures for blurred vision. If you have blurred vision and feeling of film over the eyes, then try some of the following home and natural remedies:

  • Carrot is an excellent cure for vision. This is helpful in treating various eye disorders including blurred vision. Carrots contain bet carotene that is beneficial for eye sight and vision.
  • Spinach is another good food for treating eye problem. This food contains carotenes that help in soothing and relaxing eyes.
  • Soak almond in water overnight and eat them the next morning. This will help in treating the disorder and improving vision.
  • Grated potato can also prove to be effective for curing eye problems including blurred vision. This is most beneficial if the condition is associated with pain and swelling of the eye.
  • Take a cotton bud and dip in cucumber juice. Apply the soaked cotton bud on closed eyelids to treat the condition.
  • Rosewater is also a good cure for eye vision. Dip a cotton bud in rosewater and apply over your eyes.
  • Avoid consumption of jams, tea, White bread, coffee, meat and eggs as these food substances may aggravate the condition. These food substances often play havoc with the overall body system and hamper the normal functioning of vital body organs.

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