I am a computer science student. For the last one week during evening time my right eye has a blurred vision. What is my problem?

  1. You may be suffering from computer related stress syndrome involving refractive error in the retina too, leading to blurred vision after much exertion the whole day.
  2. Remember a 20-20-20 break-time rule. Take a break after every 20 minutes from the computer screen or any study book or any job. Look at a distance of 20 ft. You may look in a garden or a green pleasant farm or any refreshing sight. Blink 20 times. Follow this rule as explained above. You can even revolve your pupils clockwise and anti clockwise at these breaks. Warm your palms rubbing them against each other and applying this heat by covering both the eyes with these warm static electricity generating palms.

answered by D M K

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