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A person’s aesthetic appeal is becoming an increasingly important concern in a world that places an increasing importance on a persons looks. Most people, everywhere would want to look their best when it comes to attending social functions or even on any other day. This though is not a major problem; some people would go to the extreme of taking drastic steps to remedy even the slightest imperfections they may have. Grey hair is one of the most common hair problems after balding and is usually seen as a sign of aging. However, the list of what causes grey hair can be rather extensive and go much farther than simply an individual’s age. Some people will start to develop grey hair even in their mid twenties and thirties – in which case, it is known as premature graying. Some of the more common causes of grey hair include suffering from a chronic cold, mental worries and stress, sinusitis, hereditary factors, extensive use of electric dryers and hair curlers. Besides this, the most important of them all is the deficiency in a person’s nutrition and diet such as the lack of an appropriate amount of iron, copper, iodine and B complex. Some of the more noticeable symptoms that will usually crop up that will alert you to the requirement of grey hair and grey beard treatment include brittle hair, the development of a headache and the noticeable thinning of hair.

Because of the fact that the condition is such a common one, there are a number of grey beard treatments and ways of preventing grey hair that have been developed over the years in numerous parts of the world. For instance, one of the best home remedies when it comes to the grey beard treatment is to include curry leaves into your daily diet. Furthermore, you should also try to mix some curry leaves into a small amount of coconut oil and boil it, before straining it and allowing it to cool down before massaging it into your head and beard. The Indian gooseberry is another well known home remedy ingredient when it comes to grey beard treatment and all you need to do is cut the fruit into pieces and dry them. Once they are dried, you can put them in coconut oil until the solid matter becomes powdered and proceed to apply it over the hair and beard. When seeking treatment for grey hair, vitamin tablets prescribed by your doctor could also be of great help.

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There are many home and natural remedies that are found useful in treatment of premature graying of hair in the shave of males. Hairs present in the beard are often harder than those present on the scalp. Both the hairs can be affected by premature graying.

Following are some of the best remedies for premature graying of hair:

Indian Gooseberry: Indian gooseberry or indian gooseberry is the foremost and an excellent natural remedy for premature graying of hair. Gooseberry is a natural tonic for enriching hair pigmentation and growth. Dry the gooseberry in shade and boil in coconut oil. This will result in the formation of darkish oil that is useful for preventing and treating graying of hair.

Gooseberry water is the water in which you soak pieces of gooseberry for one whole night. This water is beneficial for premature graying and also aids in hair nourishment. You can even use the oil directly on your beard. Massage your face with the oil. Adding few drops of almond oil will add more luster and shine to your beard hair and face.

Curry Leaves: Curry leaves consumed liberally can also help in preventing and treating graying of hair. Curry leaves provides strength and vitality to hair roots. You can either take the leaves in the form of spicy condiment or squeezed in buttermilk.

You can also boil these leaves in curry leaves and used the resultant oil to massage your beard. This prevents growth of grey hair.

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