Vaginal bump remedy

Seeing or feeling a bump on the vagina may make you frightened. But it may not be a problem if it is diagnosed or treated properly. Vaginal bumps are sebaceous cysts that come in association with itching, pain, sores or discharge from the vagina. Sebaceous cyst is sac like cells that are generally formed under the skin. This contains a substance called keratin which fills up the sac; hence it is called as keratin sac. It has a foul odor and the keratin produces a number of sacs of cells. The substance present inside the cyst has a paste or cheesy like appearance. Swollen hair follicle present in the vulva of the vagina, any skin trauma or injury, excessive testosterone production generally seen in the teenagers, or even sexually transmitted disease can be the cause. Certain infection like Human Papilloma Virus can be sexually transmitted infection which can lead to single bump or clusters in and around the anus, vagina or the penis. Though many types of Human Papilloma Virus are harmless, quite a number of them are associated with the cancer of the cervix and the genital area. However, generally bumps are harmless. Vaginal bumps appear as swollen bumps or lumps on the skin of the vagina. Tearing or tampering of the bumps can ooze out a liquid which can lead to foul smell. Infections can take place if left untreated where there can be rise in temperature near the bump.

Home remedies for vaginal bumps are:-
  • General hygiene is essential to keep the vagina healthy and clean. Measures like wearing clean and cotton undergarments, avoid coitus, washing the vagina thoroughly and keeping it dry.
  • Place heating pad on the cyst for few minutes for few to relieve the pain.
  • A healthy diet is useful for fighting against any infection in the body. Improve the intake of fruits and vegetables that contains certain phyto chemicals that can fight against the infection.
A proper consultation with the doctor is also essential regarding the severity of the problem.

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