I have a couple of small blood blisters on my face(I got poked by a palm tree). How should I treat them?

Blisters Natural Cures

As with any blister including blood blisters, the best way to treat them is to simply leave them alone. If the blood blisters do not go away within one week, you can try taking a sterilized pin and poking at a small hole in the very center of each cluster. Once the blood has drained from the blister, it is important that you disinfect each cluster with something like rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or tea tree oil. After the blisters have popped or drained, it is important to keep them clean to avoid infection of the skin.

Try to avoid popping the blisters or taking the skin off of them has this can lead to damage to the skin scarring and infection. If you are concerned that you might have gotten some sort of poison inside the blisters, then you should apply a paste of baking soda and water to the blisters and let it dry. After it is dry, you can wash off the paste and try another treatment. This paste, draws any poison out of the blisters. Baking soda and water act as a poultice. There are many types of blisters and all are mostly harmless , except for those that can cause discomfort and pain due to their location.

answered by R P

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