Natural Cure For Earaches in Baby: How to fix ear aches for babies?

Supplementation of zinc and vitamin A is helpful. A warm poultice made with onions help. Over-the-counter ear drops also prove beneficial. Mixing garlic oil with olive oil is an effective remedy. Grapefruit seed extract is an antibiotic and is mixed with echinacea tincture. Placement of a war cloth or a mild heating pad or warm compress helps. Nasal decongestants might prove useful. Plain garlic juice eases ear pain. Rest and relaxation is important. Pain killers are given under the guidance of a physician. At times, a yawn helps in relieving ear aches. Ear aches lasting for more than a day calls for immediate attention. Warm mineral oil helps, especially in case of ear wax. Fever accompanied by ear ache in children needs proper care and immediate attention. Warmed juice of mango leaves help. Lobelia decoction in water is also useful. In the case of fungal infections, vinegar is helpful. Lemon juice helps in buffering the bacterial infection. Carom seeds oil also proves beneficial. Placing a blow dryer at a considerable distance relieves the child of the pain. Warm olive oil can be poured with the help of a dropper.

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