Is onion juice beneficial for cataracts?

The lens of the eyes becomes opaque in cataract, thereby making it impossible for the individual to see. Vision is inhibited by the lack of entry of light. Blurred vision is characteristic of cataract. Aging, trauma, heredity, smoking, steroid use, diabetes and alcohol are some of the causes of cataract. Carrots, in the form of vegetable or juice are effective. Pumpkin flower juice is applied on the eyelids. Cleansing of the crystalline of the eye is done by consumption of garlic. Six grams of aniseed, consumed in an empty stomach is helpful. Fresh vegetables and fruits, especially grapes and oranges help. Salads are dressed with lemon juice or olive oil. Nuts are also included. Pickles, potatoes, bread, beverages, alcohol, smoking and refined cereals are avoided. Take the help of sunglasses, when in the sun. Resting the eyes, as often as possible, is essential. Juice of parsley and carrot proves beneficial. Spinach aids in cataract treatment, due to the antioxidant properties. Crushing 2 cardamom in a glass of milk, before retiring to bed helps in cataract treatment. Acupressure also aids in cataract remedy.

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