There is a old home cure for colds using lemon onion juice but I cant remember how it goes please let me know

Also known as a viral upper respiratory tract infection, the common cold is a very common contagious condition that can be caused by any one of over 200 commonly found viruses. Because of the fact that there are so many likely causes, it is almost impossible for the body to build up a proper defense system against all of the viruses. While milder versions of infection will last for a period of roughly about 2 or 3 days, the more regular intensities of the condition could last up to about a week. Studies show that most adults will be affected by about 3 to 4 bouts of cold in an average over the span of a year while children may experience anywhere between 8 and 10 in most circumstances. The most common virus to trigger a common cold is known as the Rhinovirus and causes about 50% of all colds. The condition is very contagious and will most likely spread through the most minimal of hand to hand contact with infected secretions or from contaminated surfaces. The cold virus can easily survive on inanimate objects such as books, pens, computer keyboards as well as coffee cups, for a period of several hours. A common cold will be accompanied by a number of symptoms including nasal stuffiness, a scratchy throat, excessive sneezing, hoarseness of the voice, and headache. Some people may even experience malaise and feel extremely tired.

Since the common cold is such a common medical condition, there are a number of home remedies available to treat the condition. You point out the use of lemon in a treatment option, which is correct as the fruits rich vitamin C quantities are very beneficial for treating colds. Vitamin C helps increase the body’s resistance while also decreasing the toxicity and duration of the illness. You could try diluting the juice of a single lemon in a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of honey and drink the concoction at least twice a day. Ginger is another very effective treatment option. Cut about 10 grams of ginger into small pieces and boil them in a cup of water. Strain the solution and add about half a teaspoon of sugar to it and drink while it is still hot. Avoid eating any kind of solid food when down with a cold and increase your intake of vegetable juices and fruits, diluted a little with some water.

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