What can I do or use to make my hair grow longer and thincker I am african american

Hair growth treatment:

  1. Please try to do shirsasan in yoga science. Do this two times a day on an empty stomach preferably in the early morning.
  2. Take sun bath on the scalp in the early rising sun.
  3. Take a homeopathic remedy called acidflouricum 200, single powder dose, once at bedtime for 5 nights then stop the medicine and wait for 15 days.
  4. After 15 days take a follow up remedy called arnica montana 30, 5 pills 2 times daily for 15 days.
  5. Application of olive oil mixed with sweet almond oil every alternate night gently on the scalp is beneficial. Put the oil in the scalp and massage gently for 10 minutes.

answered by D M K

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