Home remedies for pregnancy morning sickness

It is common for most of the women to get nauseous feeling or morning sickness till fourteenth week of pregnancy. Try the following home remedies to combat nausea, morning sickness and constipation during pregnancy.

Natural remedies in pregnancy - 

  • In your morning breakfast, have some pieces of salted crackers or biscuits, or toasts, this will prevent the nauseous feeling. You can take a glass of fresh fruit juice along with the salted crackers.  
  • Eat small frequent meals. Avoid overindulgence in any food, even if it is your favorite food.
  • Suck a small piece of ginger. If edema is not a problem then you can cut small pieces of ginger add salt and lemon in it and have it.
  • If nausea is associated with vomiting then keep yourself well hydrated to avoid dehydration. High fluid intake (water) will also help relieve constipation.  
  • Increase fiber in your diet; include lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole cereals, pulses and sprouts.
  • If the constipation is too severe then add 2 tsp of psyllium husk in milk and drink immediately at night. This is a good remedy to relieve constipation. However avoid making it a habit.
  • Light physical activity would also help to relieve constipation.

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