What type of honey relieves cough

Irritation in the throat or upper respiratory system, results in a reflex reaction known as cough. Coughing out helps in removal of any foreign substances and mucous. Cough is categorized into two categories, namely dry and wet, based on the absence or presence of phlegm. Food grade branded honey is preferred. Lemon juice mixed with honey and warm water. A glass of hot milk with honey at bedtime is effective in relieving cough.

Chewing a pod of cardamom helps. A glass of hot milk with a pinch of turmeric powder is taken at bedtime. Turmeric powder can be substituted by three cloves of garlic. Inhalation of steam helps in relieving the mucus. Plain raw garlic in the diet aids in relieving cough. Chewing basil leaves or a decoction made of basil leaves are good for the throat. A paste of soaked almonds with butter and sugar is helpful. Black pepper with rock salt is sucked slowly. A hot lemon tea with raspberry jam proves beneficial against cough. Honey and grape juice combination is an effective remedy. Dry cough is relieved by gargling with warm water or spinach juice.

Here are some more natural treatments for cough.

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