how to get rid of migraines?

A migraine can be extremely painful, and can leave the patient feeling dizzy and nauseated. If you suffer from migraines on a regular basis, potent medications may not be advisable. While there are medicines to treat migraines, natural remedies can be very effective too. There are several herbs for migraines that have pain-killing properties.

Migraines: Anything can trigger off a migraine attack. It could be certain smells, foods, scents, seasons, birth control pills, hormonal fluctuations, not eating your meals on time, a stuffy room, or too much of caffeine. Even stress and intense emotions like anger or worry can trigger of a migraine attack. A certain percentage of migraine sufferers get a visual warning before the onset of the migraine. They might see zigzagging lines, blind spots or flickering points of lights. Or, they might smell odors or scents, or their limbs might become numb prior to an attack. Once the migraine sets in, they might experience a throbbing pain in their head or a part of the head a pain that keeps spreading. The patient might become too sensitive to stimuli, and become too aware of lights, sounds and odors. This happens because the blood vessels in the brain overreact by expanding and contracting unusually. A migraine could last for a few hours or go on for a few days.

Reason for Getting Migraines:

There isn't any clear cut answer to why people get migraines. Experts say that migraine symptoms are connected to the diameter of the blood vessels that are in your head. The vessels contract, and then the pain starts as they dilate. Some believe that an imbalance in serotonin, a chemical in the brain that regulates moods, can bring on a migraine.

Home remedies: Here are some ways to ease migraines naturally.

  • Feverfew: The herb feverfew can relieve symptoms of migraines. It is known to blunt the pain of migraines. Speak with your health care expert before taking the herb. This herb is available in tincture form or in tablet form. You can even grow it in your kitchen garden, and use the leaves in salads and sandwiches.
  • A Migraine Diary: As we mentioned earlier, there are several factors that might trigger of migraines. So, to prevent migraines, the first thing to do is to track down what generally brings on an attack. Keep a diary and jot down what you eat and other factors that you might feel are important. Foods or food-related scents can trigger of migraines. If you get a migraine, you would know what is causing it.
  • Acupressure and Massage: You might like to try acupressure as well as massage therapy to ease the pain caused by migraines. However make sure that you go to a certified specialist as acupuncture done incorrectly can cause nerve damage.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy, too, is a good way of addressing the pain.

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A migraine attack results when the arteries in the brain first contract and then enlarge, because of inflammation of blood vessels in the meninges or the tissues surrounding the brain. This inflammation stimulates the trigeminal nerve which in turn releases neurotransmitters called serotonin that then stimulate pain receptors in the brain. This abnormal activity of nerves gives a shooting headache called migraine. The exact causes of migraine are not known yet, but they are largely caused by indigestion, liver and vision disorders and overstress of muscles in head and neck. Migraine mostly affects only one side of the head and the period of pain ranges from a few hours to about three days. It also causes blurry or partial vision or zigzag lines appearing before the eyes.

If you bring a few basic changes in your diet and lifestyle, you will lessen the chances of migraine attacks as it would strengthen your immunity. For that you must exercise regularly and have a balanced diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits. Along with that drink lots of water every day. But doing just that may not be enough to deal with the problem. So you can take some more measures like aromatherapy, which is considered one of the most effective remedies. Dip a cloth in eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, primrose or sandalwood oil mixed with water. Place this on your head and back of your neck to get relief. You can also include grape juice and garlic in your daily diet as they reduce migraines too. Mix equal amounts of spinach, cucumber and beetroot juices and drink it everyday to help relieve migraine to a great extent. Apart from these, avoid mental and physical stress by meditating everyday. You can also use cold compresses on your head and back of the neck. Make the compress by soaking a towel in water; squeeze the water out, then fold and keep the towel in a freezer. After it has become very cold, turn the inside folds out and let it freeze again. Take it out after a while and place it on your head and back of the neck. Similarly, hot foot and leg bath or dipping a towel in hot water, squeezing the water and keeping the towel on your head and neck also helps. Lastly, avoid direct sunlight and relax in a dark and noise-free room when you feel the onset of a migraine attack.

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Put almond oil 5 drops in each nostril. It should be inhaled on empty stomach & at bed time.

Head massage with almond oil also very useful in migraine.

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