I had a cold now my ear is blocked for 1 week. I have been using eurex ear drops with no help

Congestion in the nose or blocked nostrils affects the ear canals to a great extent. In treating the nose, to relieve off the congestion or the blockage, the discomfort in the ear reduces considerably. The nose can be humidified and treated with the help of a nasal spray using plain saline water. When the eustachian tubes are clogged up, the changes in air pressure hurt the ear passages. The phlegm or excess mucous that is the cause of the congestion, forbids the middle ear from balancing the pressure. Due to this a vacuum is created thus causing the eardrum to move further inside and thus elongating the eardrum. During such a time you can feel as if sounds come across as muted and there is a great deal of unease.

Do not try to clear the ear with either your finger or a cotton swabs etc. as this will only cause greater congestion and may cause damage to the eardrum. Blow your nose gently and without the use of force. Slowly blow each nostril at a time. Chew gum when you are experiencing extreme pressure. Fresh peppermint juice is also used to relieve blocked ears and earache. Dip a cotton wool in freshly crushed peppermint juice and squeezed inside the ear canal.

answered by C B

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