How many times per day the mustard oil with jaggery has to be given for wheezing?

Wheezing means something is obstructing the path of oxygen while breathing. Wheezing indicates a difficulty in breathing. It is usually accompanied by a high pitched sound which is produced due to an obstruction. If you can hear a whistling sound, it means it is not regular symptom and you should not try to remedy it at home.

Wheezing can be caused by many illnesses and is a symptom of many disorders. The wheezing mostly arises in the small breathing tubes deep in your lungs called bronchioles or due to an actual physical obstruction like a tumor. There are also many diseases that cause wheezing. The causes of wheezing when breathing, exhaling or in the chest are all different. Asthma, emphysema, anaphylaxis or a severe allergic reaction, bronchitis, obstructive sleep apnea, pneumonia, vocal cord dysfunction, heart failure, gastro esophagus reflux disease or GERD or even lung cancer are some of the diseases that can lead to wheezing.

Home remedies for wheezing can stop wheezing or at least reduce the symptoms. One of the home remedies for wheezing that you could use is breathing in moisturized air by keeping a humidifier in the room. Breathing is difficult especially during exhalation.

To cure wheezing, you need to stop the causes and symptoms of wheezing. Keep a warm towel over your lungs and chest every half an hour to reduce the wheezing. You can also suck on sugar or sip a little hot water at a time. Sometime a poultice of turmeric helps to bring down wheezing. Steam inhalation is always beneficial for wheezing. You can also add some eucalyptus oil to the steam for better efficacy of the steam. Also remember to drink plenty of water in the day. You can also have juice or water fortified with vitamin C. Throat lozenges are also known to reduce the obstruction. Lobelia is known to help relieve wheezing. It should sipped in the form a tea. Another oil that can help reduce wheezing is mullein oil. Tincture from a root called gingko bilboa has also proved its efficacy in reducing wheezing.

Taking a spoonful of jaggery during wheezing has been known to help. Mustard oil application has been known to relieve congestion too. Mustard oil with camphor is also a combination that works. One garlic clove with honey taken once a day helps reduce wheezing, especially if it is caused by bronchitis. Garlic's anti inflammatory properties when combined ginger and honey in a concoction can work wonders sometimes. Cayenne is known to help as it can irritate the phlegm out and reduce the wheezing. Fumes of honey or even having a spoonful of honey every day can help keep wheezing at bay.

On certain occasions coffee has also known to be of great help. Coffee's theophylline helps open airways which make breathing easier. Caffeinated drinks and chocolate also contain theophylline but should be had keeping in mind your own allergies.

If you are prone to wheezing and are still not sure what causes it, you should keep away from traditional allergens like pollen, perfumes, dust, chemical triggers, feathers and other allergic substances. Regularly change the filters of your air conditioner so that the dust there does not aggravate your condition.

The causes of wheezing in children and infants immediately affect their lungs. Not all home remedies should be tried on children, especially infants. Try taking a child in a steam filled bathroom for their wheezing to get better. For infants you could use the nasal pumps to clean and open the blocked pathways. Children usually heal quickly from coughs and colds but persistent wheezing needs medical attention.

If your wheezing is accompanied with other symptoms a bluish appearance, reduced appetite, altered mental state or is definitely an allergy attack, you should immediately consult a doctor. If you are completely unable to breathe, you should immediately seek emergency medical attention.

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