How can I relief from Acidity? Some times I feel my heart beat is grow up, why it comes ?

Acidity can be of many reasons. One of the most common reasons for calling acidity as heartburn is because when the stomach contents come up into the esophagus the burning sensation resembles that of a heart attack. You feel like the heart is burning and it resembles a heart attack. Another reason for having constant acidity is stress, increased levels of stress hormone which promotes formation of stomach acids which are pushed into the esophagus causing the typical symptoms. Too spicy food, irregular mealtimes, hectic lifestyles can all contribute to increased acidity.

So here a few remedies to soothe your heartburn -

  • Chew a few basil leaves to help you out with the acidity.
  • Increase the amount of fresh vegetable and fresh fruits which will increase the fiber in your diet, this can naturally reduce you acidity levels.
  • Coconut water is an excellent remedy for acidity. But avoid the canned variety and drink it as fresh as possible.
  • The Indian gooseberry is an excellent coolant for acidity and helps to reduce the acid reflux which is so painful.
  • Intake of apple cider vinegar and honey is also helpful in controlling the heart burn.

answered by A S

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