I have developed high acidity and gastric trouble. I shifted to a diff city for work from my hometown and having food outside. I am just not able to eat anything. Please help

Acidity and gas are known to be common signs of indigestion which basically occurs because of the fermentation of the undigested food by the bacteria present in the large intestine. One of the best home remedies for gas and acidity is to drink a cup of warm water immediately after any heavy meal. This will help in minimizing the feeling of fullness and prevent the accumulation of stomach gas. Similarly as a cure for stomach gas one should also try and minimize or completely avoid the intake of canned foods, spur curds, cashew nuts and other fried items more so at night or even just before going to bed.

Another effective cure for stomach gas is to increase the intake of fiber rich foods as they tend to improve the functioning of the digestive system. One of the home remedies for gas and acidity is to have a cup of buttermilk along with coriander leaves, ginger, natural salt, mint leaves as well as asafetida as this tends to help in the reduction of acidity and also increases the medicinal value of this remedy. There are also certain foods that one may include in their diet as a cure for stomach gas such as beans, capsicum, cauliflower, carrots, spring onions and so on.

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What are the causes for acidity and gas?

Acidity and gas are very common occurrences in the course of our lives and chances are that every individual will experience them a few times every year. Despite the fact that the condition is so common, not too many people are aware of the causes of indigestion and heartburn – which are the primary symptoms of acidity and gas. Some of the more common causes of the development of the condition include excessive smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol as well as pregnancy, ageing, obesity and a number of other factors.

It is important to remember that the symptoms of indigestion and heartburn are not necessarily linked to acidity and gas. Therefore it is required to get a doctor to examine the condition in order to decide on the best course of action. Some of the more common causes of indigestion and heartburn include overeating, eating too fast, gastric ulcer or even an intake of antibiotics. Drinking water with a couple of drops of mint essence in it, every 3 to 4 hours is known to be a very effective method of dealing with indigestion. You should also make it a point to avoid large meals and instead spread your food intake into smaller meals over the course of the day.

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Is there any diet to avoid gas and acidity?

Heartburn and acidity occur when the stomach is unable to digest food properly, which results in the buildup of gas and acid in the stomach. This may occur as a result of some infection or damage from improper meal habits and exercise patterns. Heartburn is a particularly discomforting experience which can be avoided using some dietary adjustments.

The diet for heartburn should not include food that is excessively spicy. This diet should also be free of foods that are excessively fatty or heavy as these take time and effort to get digested. Generally speaking, processed foods should also be avoided when one is suffering from indigestion. There are some foods like cauliflower and certain beans that may produce gas as they are being digested in the stomach. These may be avoided to ensure that the individual does not suffer from excess gas during and after digestion. It is also important to ensure that one does not go long periods of time without eating. This will lead to the buildup of acidity in the stomach which will only serve to worsen the condition. One may consume various different fruits as snacks to help calm the stomach down and provide the body with nutrition.

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Are there any treatments for acidity and gas?

The simplest and most effective treatment for acidity and gas problems is chewing a few basil leaves which helps in relieving the burning sensation and nausea caused by these conditions. For people who suffer from regular gas and acidity issues bananas can also be a great home remedy. Eating one banana everyday can help alleviate the symptoms of acidity and gas to a great extent. Other than banana, regular consumption of cucumber and watermelon is also very good for relieving gas and acidity.

Another natural treatment for gas is a mixture of equal quantities of powdered ginger, carom seeds and black salt. A gram of this mixture should be eaten everyday after each meal for quick relief from gas problems. Ginger sprinkled with black salt and a few lemon juice drops can also be had during mealtime to provide effective gas relief.

Drinking mint juice after each meal is also an effective treatment for acidity problems. Acidity and heartburn can also be instantly relieved by drinking a glass of cold milk whenever you experience the symptoms. Many people also recommend eating jaggery regularly to avoid gas and acidity related problems. Butter milk mixed with coriander juice is also a natural treatment for gas and acidity.

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