How to help swollen lips due to injury

Swollen lips not only turn to be a center of attraction on your face but also the pain which it causes irritates. Try the following remedies to ease your pain and decrease the swelling -

  • Apply ice immediately as soon as you get the injury. This will stop the bleeding if and also help to decrease the swelling to a greater extent. Ice will also help to desensitize the nerve endings for a while and thus help reduce pain. However do not apply ice directly on your lips as it can cause burning sensation on the skin of your lips. Wrap few pieces of ice in a plastic bag or a thin towel and then apply it on the swollen region.
  • After 2 days when the swelling subsides apply warm compress. This will help to increase the blood circulation in the region of injury and also help decrease the remaining swelling.

If the injury is accompanied with some kind of infection or pus formation then consult a specialist to avoid any complications.

answered by S P

Lips/Tongue all oral injuries-Hydrogen Peroxide gargle/rinse several times a day.

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