how can I clear up an adult ear infection?

In case of ear infections in adults, the best natural ear infection treatment is garlic. Slice a small clove of garlic and wrap it in some tissue. Insert this tissue wrapped garlic partially into your ear canal. The pain usually disappears in about 15 minutes. You can also use garlic oil instead of raw garlic. Another effective ear infection natural treatment is onion. To use onion, you have to follow the same steps as you did with garlic.

Another effective remedy for ear pain is the application of hot water compresses on the affected ear. This may help give you some relief from the pain and also stimulate blood circulation to the ear to help fight any infection. To stop pain from ear infections, put some coarse salt in the microwave for a minute or two. Next take a thick sock and put the salt in it. Apply this sock to the infected ear for quick relief. Another way you can tackle the infection is by putting a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide (3%) into your ear. Keep the solution in your ear for 10 minutes. You should, however, avoid putting liquid in your ears in case your ear drum is ruptured.

answered by M W

Natural Remedies to cure fungal infection in the ears?

Here is an effective fungal ear infection treatment. Mix white vinegar with water in the proportion 1:1 and put a few drops of this mixture into your ear. Wiggle your ear to make sure it goes in properly. The vinegar helps create a pH environment that is totally unfriendly to the fungus in your ears. Another one of the natural ear infection remedies includes the use of lemon juice. Squeeze some lemon juice in the infected ear and leave it for a couple of seconds, then drain it out. The lemon also helps change the pH levels in the infected ear, making it difficult for the bacteria to live in there.

You could also break open some garlic capsules and squeeze the gel into a small bowl. Add some olive oil or some ear ache reliever (over-the-counter) and mix well. Pour this mixture into your ear and drain it out after five minutes or so. Onion can also be used to treat an ear infection. Take some grated onion and warm it slightly in a microwave. Drop a few drop of this juice into your infected ear with the help of a dropper for instant relief. You could also put a capful of hydrogen peroxide in the infected ear. Tilt your head and keep it in the ear for about five minutes and then drain it onto a cloth.

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Treatment for otitis externa?

When it comes to treatment for otitis externa there are some effective fungal otitis externa treatment options that one could use.

  • Try using some over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Mix some white vinegar with water, and put it in the infected ear. Leave it in your ear for a few minutes and then drain it out.
  • Put a few drops of lemon juice in your ear and leave it for a few seconds before draining it out.
  • Garlic can work wonders for an infected ear. Simply chop some garlic, place it in a tissue and insert this into your ear canal. It takes about 15 minutes for the pain to disappear. You could use onion instead of garlic and get the same results.
  • Here’s a treatment for otitis externa that is really useful. Try some rubbing alcohol. It will absorb all the water, dry out your ear, and may also help in killing some of the fungi and bacteria that are causing the problem.
  • You can use antiseptic eardrops when there is water trapped in the ears.
  • The best way you can combat otitis externa is by following a strict aural hygiene routine. Once your symptoms disappear, make sure you avoid getting any water into your ears for at least three weeks. Also, protect your ears while washing your hair and when in the shower.

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Causes of otitis externa in children?

Ear infections are commonly found in children who spend a lot of time in the swimming pool or in water. Constant moisture in the child’s ear can cause an irritation and breakdown in the skin, thus allowing fungi or bacteria to penetrate. However, infection in the ear need not necessarily have to be due to swimming. Other otitis externa causes include injury or trauma to the ear canal. A break in the child’s skin can also cause an infection.

Eczema or dry skin, vigorous use of cotton-tipped applicators to clean the ears, a graze on the ear canal, or inserting objects such as paper clips or bobby pins into the ear could increase your child’s chances of getting otitis externa. If your child has an infection in the middle ear, the pus from the middle ear region can enter the ear canal and lead to otitis externa. Fungi such as aspergillus, yeast, and penicillin could cause otitis externa in your child.

Most of the time otitis externa is easily recognizable, and you can cure it at home with the help of some simple and effective home remedies. Nevertheless, it is best to consult a doctor if pain or irritation persists.

answered by G M

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