Remedies for Collagen Build Up in Lungs

One of the safest and non-intrusive methods to effectively decongest and clear the lungs is through aromatherapy. Not only is it an amazing energy booster it also helps to lift up spirits and sustain immunity levels. Simply picking up a few essential oils and using it as a steam inhalation can cause the chest to decongest and clear off its impurities. The best way would be to inhale the chosen oils but a steam inhalation helps in effectively getting rid of chemicals in the lungs.

To prepare for a steam inhalation fill up a vessel with water that has just been boiled. Add to this a few drops of the essential oil that you have chosen, perhaps three to four drops would suffice. Lean over the vessel and take a towel or a thick long cloth to cover the head over the vessel. Inhale deeply and you will observe tightness in your lungs loosening. Over a period of time after repeated use for over three months you will notice a remarked improvement in your breathing. Oils that are perfect for decongestion are essential oils of eucalyptus, frankincense or olibanum and tea tree oil. All these oils have individual characteristics that provide a soothing effect on the mucous membranes and relieve chest stuffiness of all kinds. Tea tree is especially useful for recovery from any type of respiratory pathogen.

answered by C B

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