What is the best remedy for different types of nasal allergy?

Allergy is basically defined as a hypersensitivity to any foreign substance. The common types of allergies are nasal allergy, skin allergy and chronic allergy.  All these types of allergies are association with a process of eliminating the unsuitable foreign substance form the body.

Nasal allergies are allergies that are associated with contact of allergens with cells and tissues within the nose lining. The most popular allergens are dust, pollen, mold and bacteria. These allergens are often responsible for causing discharge of histamine that eventually results in sneezing, nasal discharge, swelling and nasal congestion.

Sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose are the most common types of nasal allergies. If you are affected by any of these allergies, a quick treatment is necessary for normal breathing and for regulating other essential functions of the nose.
Nettle is an herbal plant used for various health disorders and so for sneezing. Consuming nettle in the form of tea, supplements or along with any food item can help you cure sneezing naturally. Make your environment clean and hygienic because dust is the basic allergen that causes sneezing.

Nasal congestion can be naturally treated with hot liquids, apple cider vinegar, horsetail, tomato juice, garlic and mentholated salve. You can even try inhaling a mixture of grapefruit juice and water.

Best home remedies for runny nose are using nasal sprays, saltwater solution and eating more of spicy foods. Basically spicy foods stimulate runny nose but the increasing effect of these spicy foods will increase the amount of nasal discharge. This will eventually remove the major cause of runny nose.

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