Health advices on brain tumors

Growth of cancerous cells in the brain tissues is referred to as brain tumor. Cognitive performance, memory, learning and growth is affected by brain. Certain areas of the brain are affected due to tumor. Treatment is based on the severity, size and area of occurrence. Steroids are helpful in decreasing inflammation. Hydrocephalus or fluid in the brain is removed by shunt, a long tube used to remove the excess fluid from the brain.

Brain tumor results in pressure resulting in edema. Loss in sensation, improper balance, difficulty in speech and vision problems are common. Surgery is the best way of treating tumor. This helps in tumor removal and protecting the healthy tissues. Certain tumors are removed as such, whereas some are removed partially. Radiations of high energy are also recommended. Chemotherapy is a part of tumor treatment. Oral or intravenous drugs are effective remedies. Recent research reveals certain kinds of treatment. Stereotactic surgery involves focuses beams on the tumor, devoid of scalpels. Drug delivering implants are helpful in delivering the relevant drugs to the tumor. Gene therapy involves the cutting of blood supply to the tumor. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits supply antioxidants and other nutrients that aid in triggering the control of proliferation of cancerous cells.

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