Alternative treatment for pain in arm

A solution for a pain of any kind would mostly involve complete rest and a few simple home remedies. However, a pain in your left arm could also be an indicator of other, more serious things. If you have had this pain for more than a week and if it is the kind of pain that can actually leave you immobilized in any way, or if you are unable to raise your arm above shoulder level, it is best that you see a doctor to determine what the exact cause of this pain could possibly be.

There could be several reasons that contribute to a pain in the left arm. It could be your sleeping posture, or a simple muscle catch or pull, or even over exertion of your arm that is causing this pain. In any case, you must rest the arm completely. Try not to use it at all, and if this means that you would need to sling it around your neck, please do so. A gentle massage of the arm with warm mustard oil should help in relaxing any strained or pulled muscles. After the massage, you can also apply a hot compress to the arm to enable the oil to seep in and work its way through. A mix of eucalyptus and coconut oil will also help in dealing with the pain better. You can also take Echinacea pills, which will help fight the pain from within.

answered by M W

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