How to treat sores in nose?

Sores in your throat could be something more serious than merely small patches of painful skin. These could be polyps or simply patches of very dry skin. Therefore you should ensure that you consult the doctor before you begin treatment of any kind. The first thing that you should not do is touch the sore spots too often. This will only help any infection, in case of infection, from spreading to other parts of the body. Also you could injure yourself with a scratch from your nails, making matters worse

Cold sores are common ailments and are also known as nasal herpes. People suffering from this ailment believe that nothing can help these sores as much as the cold remedy. The cold remedy involves using ice cubes on the sores. This not only gives you relief from the pain of the sores but does help in healing them. However you should remember that since these sores are caused by an infection, the best way to prevent the bacteria form gaining a foothold in your body is ensuring that your immune system is well developed. For this you will need to adopt a healthy, balanced diet that will help build a strong immunity system and help keep away such infections.

answered by M W

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