Health advice on sudden heart pain

Experiencing sudden sharp pains in the chest can mean many possibilities. It is imperative that you get the feeling and symptoms diagnosed by a medical doctor. It highly likely that you maybe suffering from heartburn or reflux or even GERD, however it is best you inspect such symptoms with the help of expert medical advice to rule out other serious conditions. Other indications of chest pain could also point out to heart disorders, angina or even a heart attack. It is only due to the risk of heart disorders that it is very critical to seek medical opinion on this matter.

Another general complain that arises out of chest pain are panic or anxiety attacks. Panic attacks are also characterized by sudden chest pains that are shot in duration and go away without any other symptoms. In any case a medical professional is the best judge to determine the nature and cause of the pains. Other causes of chest pains may be esophagitis, peptic ulcers, nerve irritation in the chest, pneumothorax, pulmonary embolism, infections in the chest; pancreatitis etc. if you are experiencing these pains in a recurrent manner then it may also be due to disorders arising elsewhere in the body. These are not signs that should be ignored nor should you seek topical temporary solutions as these pains involve critical internal organs, and in the case of chest pain, you would need to clear all doubts regarding lungs and the heart with your medical practitioner.

answered by K C

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